Review: Things We Know by Jessi Kirby

4/5 stars

No wonder the heart literally hurts when you’re in emotional pain. It is, after all, the organ that works overtime daily. Imagine how it beats approximately one hundred thousand times a day. Poor organ. But that’s not the point of the book. I was just really impressed by this factual information presented in it.

Now onto the review. The book was released in 2015 but only around December of 2017 did a copy finally grace our local bookstores. I have always wanted to read Things We Know by Heart since its release because I was very drawn to that blurb. I mean if you could get a glimpse of the recipient of the heart of that person you loved so much, would you pass up on that chance? I definitely wouldn’t if only on the off chance that the recipient might be a kind and beautiful blonde boy with green eyes. Lol.

Perhaps I’m just being my overly hopeless romantic self but I’ve always had the feeling that this story calls to me. I’m very glad my instincts didn’t fail me because the book is exactly everything I was expecting it to be. It’s touching, encompassing and uplifting. Most stories about grief often render me heartbroken but this book only left me very hopeful and appreciative of life. The writing is also very beautiful in the most simple and natural sense. It never tried to be melodramatic or flowery and yet it still spoke to the heart. Plus the settings- summer and ocean? That’s like the best time and place for a love story to take place, don’t you think? Now you have another title to add to your list of summer reads.

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