Review: Girl out of Water by Laura Silverman

4/5 stars

Girl Out of Water is a surprisingly fun, summer read. The summer vacation Anise spent at Nebraska and then back at her home in Sta. Cruz, California almost feels real to me. This is virtual experience at its best. The main characters are both refreshing. Anise in her sporty and competitive nature and Lincoln in his natural charisma and sense of adventure. They are the exact examples of opposites attract because while Lincoln loves the road, travelling and meeting new people, Anise on the other hand who is too afraid to be like her mom (who vanishes every now and then without a trace) prefers to stay at home at the comfort of her friends and family.

The plot significantly allows Anise to explore her real self and prove that she is her own person when she is suddenly uprooted from the only place she has ever stayed at since she was born and from the only sport she has ever truly loved-surfing. It’s as if as quoted from the book she was a fish out of water and I appreciate how she copes and deals with unavoidable situations. I like her positive attitude, resilience and her incredible appetite. You just have to love a girl that could eat and then there’s her stubborn I-always-have-to-win attitude forcing her to add another sport to surfing and that is skating. She and Lincoln whose dimple must have a life of its own make a really good and cute couple while Anise’s cousins are too adorable to resist. Here’s another adorable summer read to add to your list.

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