Review: These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

4/5 stars! 

What started out a soap opera ended up in story of survival out in the wilderness of a strange, abandoned planet and once again, it surprises me how much I enjoyed the book from start to end. In some instances, the reading experience reminded me a little of that when I read Illuminae especially in the last quarter of the story when the plot reveals the ultimate twist explainable by scientific stuff like hyperspace, other dimensions and temporary energy-matter conversion. I won’t pretend to understand all of it but I grasped enough to appreciate the general idea.

What I enjoyed most about These Broken Stars though aside from the simple but beautiful and fluid writing is the progressive character development of our hero and heroine, Tarver and Lilac.. How they do their best to survive in a strange planet that whispers to them and gives them visions is very admirable and I find them both growing on me each day they struggle hanging on dear life. Of course, I’ve been rooting for their romance since the start of the book but how theirs developed is even better and more adorable than I expected.

Published by AJ

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