Review: If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout

4/5 stars

“One of the things I’d learned was that when someone offered you a hand, you took it. And sometimes it was hard to see that offer or accept it, but life was easier when you did.” 

During the first half of the book I was simply enjoying the story of a girl crushing on her best friend since they were children. I was really looking forward to a cute, romantic read like one of Kasie West’s novels. I forgot this was JLA, the same author of The Problem With Forever which although I loved, I also read with caution, dreaded and worried over my heart getting crushed because of the tragedy threatening to happen. That book did exactly those things to my heart but in the end it also put the pieces back together. I should have taken the same caution when I read If There is No Tomorrow

Jennifer Armentrout is kind of like Colleen Hoover of the YA genre. Like CoHo, she write tragic stories and raises societal issues worthy to stir moral debates but at the same time, throws in a really swoon worthy love story in them. Her writing is just as addictive and as gripping and often makes me pause to mull over the thoughts written all over the book and makes me sympathize with the characters. After the tears and the heartbreak, in the end I was left satisfied, hopeful and whole again.

“We don’t always get tomorrow. Sometimes it’s not because of death. Sometimes it’s the decisions we make for ourselves.”

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