Review: Our Demons, Best Friends by Diana T. Scott

4/5 stars

This is surprisingly a warm and comforting read. I’ve been postponing this for so long because I was worried to read about another angsty NA novel because of the vibes coming through from the title and the cover. I mean the artwork in the cover is gorgeous but it seems like a threat to the emotions. I was very happy that the book wasn’t what I expected at all.

Though both characters, Ava and Sebastian carry with them a troubled, tragic past, they bear it with reason and grace, especially Ava whose character I admire very much.

“For now, I was willing to accept him in my life in any way possible. If a relationship wasn’t what he wanted, I would take his friendship without feeling shorted in the slightest. I just needed him in my life.”

“It was my turn to be looked after. Even if it was by myself.” 

She knows herself very well and knows when to move on. Her friendship with her colleagues is also very sweet and adorable. The concept of the story is kind of like that of Grey’s Anatomy except Our Demons, Best Friends is without the angst, the nasty, the melodrama and major characters’ deaths.(Ha, take that Shonda Rimes!). This is actually a very wholesome NA read and I’m very pleased. The title could have been less cheesy though. Lol.

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