Review: Easy by Tammara Webber

4/5 stars! 

I know, I know. I may have once said I’ve graduated from NA novels because I thought I have had enough because usually I could almost always predict the pattern of their plots. But lately I’ve been reading a lot of NAs and funnily, I don’t find them annoying or as predictable as before. I’m actually very glad to be surprised by plot devices and elements used in their plots and find myself also appreciating love scenes that before made me cringe. I guess I’ve matured a little. Lol. Easy is one these NAs.

The plot is progressive, the theme is very relevant and the female lead is likable and relatable. The female friendship is very admirable and I really appreciate how supportive Jacqueline’s best friend, Erin, is especially after finding out what Jacqueline almost suffered at the hands of a power tripping asshole who in a snap could freaking steal away a girl’s confidence, freedom and instill in her irrational feelings of fear, shame and guilt. These effin’ assholes should really end! Sorry not sorry. Thank goodness for people like Lucas whose hero complex had a perfect though really sad backstory and that perflectly relates to the theme of the book.

The story also aims to empower women as it general tackles themes against rape culture and how a girl could defend herself in case she finds herself in danger of being a rape victim even though the book also emphasizes that it’s never the girl’s fault. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and to be capable of protecting oneself. I now understand why people claim this is an important read because it is.

“In ideal world, we could go all about our business without fear of being assaulted. Unfortuately, that ideal is not representative of reality.”

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