Review: All in Pieces by Suzanne Young

4/5 stars

Unexpectedly emotional, sweet and inspiring. At first I didn’t think there was going to be more to the story than an angsty teenage girl with anger management issues but soon I learned it was so much more. It was about a girl who had to take responsibility over her special 7 year old brother without or barely any parental supervision. It’s about a girl whose friends are also troubled, they even had to be sent away for rehab, a girl who almost seemed to have lost interest in living her own life until the mysterious Cameron and his family (who are all so sweet and caring, it’s almost unbelievable) came along.

The story was packed emotion-wise and plot-wise with a lot of punches, most of them directed straight to my heart. At some point the choppy writing annoyed me a little but I soon realized it was the very tool of the author to set the mood of the story.

My only complaint is how several parts to me seemed a bit unrealistic or at times a little too convenient just to set the plot right to its intended course but as a whole, it was a relatable, gripping story that tackles another side of a teenage life that isn’t always discussed in books. It discusses poverty, bullying, neglect and how this young girl managed to survive through her friends’ love and support and her love for her little brother.

“No matter how shitty I think my life is, I have my brother. I’ll always have him. And although he’s the hardest part of my life, he’s also the best.”

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