Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

3/5 stars! 

Original five stars now reduced to three. Major spoilers ahead, please read at your own risk. 

Sydney didn’t know, for crying out loud. Ridge led her on. He did! I’ll bite whoever argues with me that he didn’t.

“…And the fact that I didn’t know you were involved with someone would have made me a Tori. I don’t want to be a Tori, Ridge. I can’t tell you how much their betrayal hurts me, and I will never, ever do that to another girl. So that’s why I’m upset. I don’t even know Maggie, yet you made me feel like I’ve already betrayed her.” 

I’m so pissed at Ridge, really pissed especially after the kiss. What an a-hole!

“No matter how I feel about you or how much I think we could work, I will never, ever leave her. I love her. I’ve loved her since the moment I met her, and I’ll love her until the moment I die.” 

Then why the hell do you keep on flirting with Sydney? It’s not like she’s seducing you or forcing herself on you. And Sydney, could you just please stop being so damn unselfish all the time. Stop being so forgiving! Ugh! Just stop! I don’t care how loving and wonderful and perfect Ridge is, not when he says things like the following:

“The times I spend with Sydney are spent with Sydney, and nothing else crosses my mind. But the times I spend with Maggie are spent with Maggie. I don’t think about Sydney. It’s as though times with Maggie and times with Sydney occur on two different planets.” 


Funny how I completely fell for him the first time I read the book but now I just hate him with passion. He thinks it’s okay that he has Maggie in his room but just the thought of Sydney having fun with Brennan makes him so damn jealous. He seriously sucks! Sydney is a fool for letting Ridge do this to her. Why it took her 238 pages of the book to realize this makes me want to scream directly at her ear.

“I don’t deserve this kind of self-torture.” 


But of course, her wall crushes to dust just as soon as he asks her forgiveness (again) and of course they still get a happily ever after. Damn!. And yet I devoured the book like there’s no tomorrow. Even though I was yelling at all of the characters (except for Warren who would’ve been perfect for Sydney), I was still riveted to the story. CoHo’s writing does that and it’s why my generous three stars.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

  1. I remember that this was the first book you’ve introduced to me when I was transferred to your division (Steno), just to kill boredom and pressure with my Boss, hahaha! Right after I read this novel, I started MAYBE NOT and then Confess… Ugly Love.. November 9… It Ends with Us… Now I’m hoping to get a copy of her latest. 😦 Whenever I hear about CoHo, it reminds me of you… Cheers!

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