Review: Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes

4/5 stars!

“The first thing that you need to realize is that mental health is fluid. It’s not like you have an infection and a doctor gives you antibiotics and then you’re cured. No matter what the two of us accomplish together, you’re still going to have good days and bad days. Makes sense?” 

This is another winner in the contemporary YA genre that deals with mental health issues. There came a time when I thought I have had enough of these books but recently I’ve learned that I could never have enough. There is always something to learn about general mental health condition and Girl Against the Universe is another great read that deals with multiple disorder.

In Maguire’s case, she developed an irrational fear of being around people in her belief that her mere existence can cause danger to other people’s lives after being the only survival of a fatal car accident that took away the lives of three people she loved. Coincidentally, since then she had been the one always spared of accidents whether petty or grave and has since decided to generally stay away from people and learned to live and accept life mostly in isolation.

It was written very well, kind of lightheartedly and I completely enjoyed her progress as her therapist guides her one step at a time through cognitive behavioral therapy during the course of which, she met friends, a romantic interest which also adorably started with friendship and a great relationship with her stepdad and new siblings.

The sports element is also a plus as well as the humor and the overall easy approach of the author on the story. I also love the strength of Maguire’s character and how she resolves to help herself and cope with her condition without having to sacrifice her or other people’s well-being and happiness. Another recommended read!

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