Review: One of Us is Lying by Karen Mc Manus

3.5/5 stars! 

For a debut psychological mystery, One of Us is Lying is not bad at all. The writing is gripping and easy to read. The characters’ voices give really good impressions of their personality and the narrative modes are used very wisely. All four characters are flawed, all seem guilty of something but of what, it was kept a mystery that I as a reader couldn’t wait to uncover. It was like watching a teen version of How to Get Away with Murder although admittedly the criminal case in the story is not that hard to solve. My prime suspect from the very start is in fact the culprit. I could be Professor Annaliese Jr. Lol.

But what I liked about the story is how the murder investigation unveiled the characters’ true selves and proved which persons are true to them. I enjoyed all the character transformations especially that of Addy’s. She’s become a really cool bad-ass chick. Cooper’s was shocking but still in a pleasant way while Nate and Bronwyn’s ship, I really dig. It’s true that it’s during the toughest times of your life that you’ll get to see the real you and at the same time the true colors of people around you.

I just wish the mental issues were tackled with a bit more care. I couldn’t elaborate further because it would ruin the mystery of the story but it would have helped if these serious issues were more properly addressed. Nonetheless, I reiterate my opening line that for a mystery-murder YA contemporary, the book is worth a read.

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