Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

5/5 stars! 

I decided to take down my original review because none of its contents is true to me any longer after rereading the book because WOW, just WOW! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing and intense I’m feeling while and right after reading especially the last few chapters till the Epilogue. I was a mix of crazy emotions and my heart couldn’t keep still. I swear. I could still hear my heartbeat as I’m writing this.

Funny though how I couldn’t remember the plot and I’m feeling a little stupid. I remembered little pieces like the names of the characters, the factions, the nickname “little lightning girl” but I am really disappointed at my 2015 self because how could I not love this then? It was like I read an entirely different book. I’m so glad I decided to correct the errors of my ways (lol!) by rereading this.
The concept, the world and the plot were like a brilliant mash up of elements from several great fantasy/dystopian series I’ve read like A Song of Ice and FireShadow and BoneAn Ember in the AshesThe Black Mage and even a little of The SelectionHunger Games and Divergent but combined, they created an original, impressive and unique story resulting to Red Queen.

The politics and the social issues are quite intense and they were a crucial part of the story from the very start unlike in many others where the revolution is simply a device used to conclude the series. The writing is simple but beautiful and gripping while the characterizations are plain brilliant. The shocking deceptions and plot twists worked very well although there was one part I completely guessed right.  I was completely hooked from the very start when Mare was still starting out in the Stitls with her petty thievery reminding me a little of Six of Crows while her relationship with her little sister reminded me a little of Adelina and her little sister in The Young Elites.

The intense pace kept up till the very end and the entertainment factor was also consistent. The “little romance” was just enough to give the reader something to hold on to. The entire time I was reading, it was both familiar and new to me so I couldn’t help but devour the book like the ravenous book monster that I am. I’m onto the second book right after I post this review.^^

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