Review: Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino

3/5 stars! 

It was a quite a struggle to read a story in the POV of a character I strongly disliked at first. If it weren’t for Will, I wouldn’t have had the patience to read it through but he is such a great, sweet, talented and genuinely thoughtful guy that I needed to know more about him even if it had to be through Mia’s too self-absorbed, self-serving and arrogant mind. I couldn’t fully blame her though. It’s probably just the grief and uncertainty about herself.

I guess she needed more time and experience to realize that love and stability aren’t the same thing. You don’t look for a person with a stable career and force yourself to fall in love with him. Instead, you fall in love with a person and try to build a secure and comfortable life with him.

Thank goodness, Mia finally realized the error of her ways in the last quarter of the novel and was punished enough for her to deserve a happy ending. I was actually really pissed at the angst and heartbreaks both characters willingly subjected their hearts to, to the point of making me think their relationship was borderline toxic until I understood that they needed to go through the pain to discover who they were and what they truly meant for each other.

There was just times the narrative got a little repetitive, also kind of a sexually too graphic but still enjoyable and gripping enough for me to read it in one day. What I liked about the story is the great supporting characters and the concept of the small café with poetry reading nights as well as the element of music. In short, for a New Adult novel, this wasn’t that bad. Lol.

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