Review: Here We Are Now by Jasmine Warga

4/5 stars!

“But I believe strongly that we all have multiple versions of ourselves. And the true test of love is learning to accept all of those versions, even when it’s messy. Actually, especially when it’s messy. That’s one of the toughest things about love, right? The way people we love are constantly changing and we have to learn how to accept those changes. Love isn’t a constant thing, you know? It’s active. It’s always growing. 

Here We Are Now makes up for a good general fiction as it portrays characters at different stages in their lives from YA to NA to adult-adult up to super adult. To me, the reading felt very literary even though it’s also very contemporary and very YA as the story is told in the POV of Taliah, a half-American, half-Jordanian teenage girl but it also shifts to a third person as it recounts the story of how her parents got together.

It’s so cute although also heartbreaking how Tal uncovers her roots and inevitably her own person when Juilan, the rock star and also allegedly her father, barges in on her one day to whisk her away to Oakland, his hometown and technically Tal’s hometown too where she learns about her father and mother’s history and gets to know her relatives, albeit under a sad circumstance.
The writing is beautiful and easy to read and the element of music is wonderfully portrayed. The words are entrancing and whimsical as if I was reading a fantasy novel but at the same time, I could relate so much.

“I love the way music holds and enhances our memories. Certain songs can always transport me right back to particular moments in my life. It’s like magic.”

“This may sound weird but there are certain songs, like really great songs – you don’t just listen to them, you know? They make you feel like they’re listening back. Like the person who wrote the song heard you. Music makes you feel less alone in that way. It’s proof that someone out there has felt the exact same way you do and they’ve managed to capture it in this perfect blend of words and sound.”

I practically breezed through the book and was only slightly disappointed when it ended so quickly but I couldn’t complain because the conclusion makes perfect sense to the story as it hopefully marks a new beginning for Tal and her dad and possibly for Tal’s parents as well.

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