Review: The Distance between Lost and Found by Kathryn Holmes

4/5 stars

The Distance Between Lost and Found, a YA contemporary is surprisingly a very symbolic, literary read. The plot which had many layers was very engaging. I appreciate the author’s strategy in putting across the meaning of the story. How Hallie’s struggles and her losses (of confidence, self-worth, friends and even the desire to sing) were mirrored in what she, Rachel and Jonah went through when they got lost in the mountains during a youth church camp and they had to literally fend for their lives.

I found it very meaningful and ironic that Hallie found answers to her inner conflicts while in physical isolation and struggle. It meant a lot that even though she was literally alone with two supposedly strangers but who soon became her friends, she was also finally able to voice out what really happened to her and finally earned a sense of freedom and earned back her self-respect. She was finally liberated from being a victim of bullying and social ridicule after almost practically losing her life while in the mountains.

I found it really surprising because I haven’t read a lot of survival stories in YA contemporaries and this one was written very well. It was almost sort of like reading a dystopian novel where the teenage characters had to fight for their lives in the wilderness except here, there are no mutts or unnatural scientific creations to threaten their lives. In the end, all three characters came with realizations on the value of life, faith and love.

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