Review: The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner

4/5 stars

There is a pervading air of mystery throughout the novel keeping me wide awake and curious from the very start even though at the surface, there seems little going on in the plot. Basically about three friends on their last year of high school and how they are supposed to conquer/submit to (it depends on the three characters’ perspectives) the life that shall follow. While Lydia has it all planned out with her perfect life, Dill and Travis seem resigned with what they already have in their small Southern town even though it’s nothing to be happy about, more like a life to endure.

Deep down though, I knew there was something more to the story than what it’s letting on and I was both right and wrong. Wrong, because what I thought was the “something more” isn’t clearly what the story is about. Right, because the “something more” is already the beautiful story of friendship between Lydia, Dill and Travis. I just resent a bit that I had to have my heart broken first before realizing the beauty of the story.

Mr. Zentner is an excellent storyteller with a knack in writing touching, emotional and unique stories of friendship and discovering oneself. It wasn’t a long time ago when Goodbye Days totally crushed my heart to pieces. Serpent King wasn’t as intense but just as raw and just as heartfelt.

Published by AJ

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