Review: Not if I See You First by Eric Lindstrom

4/5 stars 

If there’s anyone who has the right to be a snobbish, self-centered bitch, it’s Parker Grant and true to her form, she was very consistent to the title up to about 75% mark of the book and I honestly respect her for it. Her mom got herself and seven-year old Parker in a fatal accident causing the then little girl not only the loss of her eyesight but a mother as well. I doubt anyone will be sweet as an angel after that.

Ever since, she has been surviving and coping, living her life as perfectly as she could without her eyesight and has generally been defensive by creating all these stern rules to protect herself from further hurting physically, but especially emotionally after another recent tragic loss and after an incident she thought betrayed her entire trust to a person.

She’s been playing it cool, trying to act normal until like a dam, she explodes and crashes due to pent up emotions and realizes that she may not be right all the time and that the ability to see isn’t necessarily the same as being able to understand and that most of the time, she’s an even more capable person than those who have the sense of sight and therefore making her realize that not everything is about her.

Just because others could see and Parker couldn’t doesn’t have to mean she is at a disadvantage all the time because there are things people get to understand deeper without seeing. The story is a nice reminder of people’s physical and emotional differences and that every person loses something valuable all the time. It doesn’t give us the right to be mean to other people though or be so defensive. We have to accept and learn that everyone needs help and I’m very glad that as soon as Parker realizes this, she opens herself up to people who genuinely care about her.

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