Review: Stay Sweet by Vivian Siobhan

3.5/5 stars

This is one sweet book indeed. Everything about it is sweet from the title, the main character, up to the ice cream- they’re all simply sweet for a perfect summer read (cheesy rhyming, I know, lol!) which I think is a huge change in the author’s usual themes in her earlier novels.

Even though the plot might seem superficial-basically about selling ice cream, the history behind it made it very substantial giving the main story a deeper sub-story written as diary entries by Molly Meade the owner of the classic Meade Creamery of Sand Lake.

I’m impressed at how the author plotted a supposedly linear story about ice cream and summer but she made it work giving the plot a nice upward curve when Amelia, Molly’s chosen Head Girl and Grady, Molly’s grandson face the problem of possibly running out of ice cream to sell when Molly passed away of old age. Consequently, from this dilemma sprouts the rich history of Meade Creamery which is truly more than just an ice cream stand but a symbol of hope, friendship and self-discovery.

I did have a little problem with the writing because it was almost too easy to read to the point that I got just a little bit bored sometimes but I guess it’s just because the target audience is middle grade and up. Thankfully the plot took an unexpected twist towards the end which I find a very pleasant surprise and a perfect ending to the story.

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