Review: Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

4/5 stars

This book is more than just a murder case, more than just solving a mystery. It is very beautifully written, atmospheric, almost magical, mysterious, suspenseful, eerie but also moving all at the same time.

I have almost forgotten Ms. Lauren Oliver‘s extraordinary talent in writing which was what I really fell for when I read her Before I Fall. She definitely has the ability to make these familiar, almost stereotypical characters into something very refreshing and new. She honestly knows how to flesh out each of her characters to convince me that they’re more than just fiction, that they could be real.

I love how it has a fantastical element because of this fantasy book (which ended mid-sentence) these three girls were obsessed with when they were younger. It’s creepy how the events in the story as they overlap with the events in the fanfiction the girls wrote seem to actually happen to them and that’s one puzzling and unique mystery to solve.

This is a very gripping, interesting read that hooked me up from the very first line “Five years ago, when I had just turned thirteen, I killed my best friend.” up to the very last part of the book which ironically also ended mid-sentence. It’s kind of genius!

Published by AJ

Hi! I'm Aj from the Philippines. Obviously I love to read and write and from years of experience I have learned that when you love something so much, you would do it absolutely for free so here I am writing stuff for all people to see in the hopes that at least one or maybe two souls could benefit or get little inspiration from what they will read from this blog. Enjoy and spread the love! ;)

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