Review: Model Misfit (Geek Girl 2) by Holly Smale

4/5 stars 

After my heart has been bruised and battered watching Episodes 3 and 4 of GOT 8 , I seriously needed a light read.

This was the perfect pick. I liked it so much. Even more than the first book. I enjoyed every bit of it. Laughed from the opening sentence till the very last word. I even probably cried a few happy tears too because unexpectedly, it was also very touching. (Hachiko made me cry gallons of tears too). Indeed, the geek is back and Harriet is even geekier than before.

Sure, she’s now a super model but it only seemed to enhance her geekiness to extreme levels. I’m so happy she hasn’t changed at all and the characters I really enjoyed from the first book are still present and are exactly how I remembered them. Toby is still extremely hilarious and his geekiness just outshines everybody else’s. Nat is still her super cool self. Annabel is still her very composed but very reasonable self except with a baby bump and Harriet’s dad is still his super goofy self and Nick is well, let’s keep that a mystery. *winks*

The plot is incredibly adorable as Harriet flies with her granny Bunty to Japan to become a Model Misfit because disaster seems to follow her steps. She’s extremely clumsy and is prone to embarrassing herself but soon she learns there’s something very fishy about her constant tragedies. Even her broken heart isn’t meant to be broken because somebody might be sabotaging her all the while

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