Review: Fireworks by Katie Cotugno

3.5/5 stars!

There is usually something so realistic, convincing and compelling in Ms. Cotugno’s novels. It’s like she’s out to taunt the reader with these unspeakable truths but which actually do happen and she writes about them without restraint and without fear of readers’ disapproval. I kind of like her attitude.

Fireworks is a story about two best friends, Dana and Olivia, where they came from, how close they are and then with their common goal and dreams, circumstances suddenly seem to pit them against each other. It’s not very plausible but still it’s still convincing how Dana could randomly get an opportunity that Olivia gets, one that she probably thought she didn’t want as much as Olivia does, but one she badly needs and how slowly Olivia views it as Dana stealing her thunder or something like that.

It’s something that could possibly really happen especially with best friends because I do believe there’s this very thin and fragile line between best friends and worst enemies and the story accurately potrayed this. And as per her usual solid conclusions that don’t really end in happily ever afters, Ms. Cotugno once again still gave the reader hope, satisfaction and reason very appropriate for the story’s theme.

Just one thing I noticed on the cover,Alex’s hair is supposed to be blond. Lol.

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