Review: Freeks by Amanda Hocking

2/5 stars

I was hungry for a fantasy standalone and I haven’t read anything from Amanda Hocking so Freeksseemed like the best option. Plus it’s supposedly about a carnival so I was definitely attracted but alas, the book is the exact opposite of the thrilling promise of the blurb. I have to admit I am a bit disappointed.

The writing is easy to read, I’ll give it that but everything else to me is underwhelming. The story didn’t tap the magic and excitement of a carnival. Instead, it only used it as a sort of explanation as to the supernatural abilities of the characters.

The story is anti-climactic. It’s as if I’m always made to anticipate something finally interesting happening only to be brought back to the almost linear plot that made me sigh definitely more than once. I have been waiting for that “power” Mara is supposed to control within seven days but again, I ended up feeling “meh”. I was like “that’s it?” Even the revelation of the demon-monster is unimpressive, I didn’t feel an inch of fear or even worry for the characters.

But perhaps if it were only after a romantic story, I wouldn’t be this disappointed because I guess Freeks is mainly a love story (and by love story, I mean the kind not for younger readers) and the fantastical elements are simply for the reader’s entertainment and if I looked at it that way, I guess it wasn’t so bad and the fact that I was able to finish all 387 pages of the book means it’s still entertaining enough and is still worth a read.

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