Review: The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas

4/5 stars

Well that was completely unexpected. Those intricately tangled twists of the plot got me upping my rating for the book. At first I thought The Darkest Corner is going to be familiar because during the first half, it actually is. It made me believe that it is simply about a murder mystery case that’s gone wrong when two little girls were forced to testify against the wrong man convicting him as the serial killer known as the Ohio River Monster (ORM).

Ten years later, these young girls Tessa and Callie who have learned to live with their guilt have to revisit their dirty closets when one of their friends gets killed in the same pattern as the victims of the ORM.

As the story moves forward, I find the plot getting more and more complicated, twisted and intense. I couldn’t say more because the more you do not know about the plot, the more surprising the story gets. It may read slowly at first and the narrative might seem blasé but these are just the author’s crafty strategies into sneaking complicated twists and turns to a compelling psychological thriller.

Published by AJ

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