Review: One Small Thing by Erin Watt

3.5/5 stars

Well, this is a lot more wholesome than Paper Princess. Lol. Okay, the story actually began with the main characters doing the deed but that’s the extent of it. And although this is another YA romance, the themes are quite deep and meaningful and the plot is not very usual either. It’s about Beth, the sister of the dead girl as she tries to process her grief in her own unique way when in an act of rebellion against her parents over-protectiveness, she hooks up with tise guy, Chase who accidentally hit her sister and of course that makes it only harder for her to forget him especially now that he goes to school with her after three years at juvie.

The romance is definitely the you-and-me-against-the-world type, of course, with all the drama it entails although majority of the drama is seriously caused by Beth because of her recklessness and childishness. Good thing she recognizes her flaws. But the guy is pretty decent, the voice of reason actually and the stubborn girl sees the good in him even if the rest of the town don’t especially her parents.

Told in Beth’s perspective, the narrative might get a little annoying at times because of her whiny and selfish brooding but as you get to know her, you get to understand why she is the way she is and I’m glad I stuck by her because her story turned out quite well. Chase’s influence on her is good and I’m glad he taught her about the One Small Thing. That to go through each day no matter how bad, you just look for that one good thing no matter how small to tide you over.

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