Review: Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay Champion

4/5 stars

Someday, Somewhere is a captivating YA romance that is full of ironies and juxtapositions. She lives in a place (Trenton) where dreams get crushed and yet she still dreams and gets excited about the prospect of a nice future while he lives in a place (New York) where he can be free to do anything he wants but he is too stiff and too focused on competing with others .

Of course, since this is a romantic story, Ben and Dominique find each other in a city with a population of more than 8 million people. (Lol). But the characters did put a lot of effort in trying to find each other again. It’s not like they were always seeing each other coincidentally. I think their romance is very sweet especially because they both feel like the biggest dorks in the presence of each other.

What I do appreciate is how the story is more than just your standard YA romance. The plot actually kind of reminds me of that of When We Collided where the girl has bipolar disorder. In this case, it is the boy who has it without knowing it. In WWC, the girl paints while the boy cooks. In SS, the girl loves dancing while the boy loves music. Love might be too mild a word for it. He is obessed with playing music, in trying to perfect his craft that anything else seems of little significance to him.

And just like in WWC, this is obviously not a love story where there is a happily ever after but it is a story that ends in hope. It reminds readers that sometimes in life we meet people who change our lives but we don’t necessarily wind up spending our lives with them. People come and go but as the title suggests, there is always the possibility of Someday, Somewhere.

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