Review: Hidden Pieces by Paula Stokes

4/5 stars 

“But we all do bad $h!# sometimes. It’s what you do now that matters. If you don’t like the person you are, take responsibility for your past mistakes and do better.” 

This is what happens when kids don’t control their rabid hormones. Stupidity ensues. And everything bad follows. You’ve been warned, kiddos! Lol.

Just like this recent novel I’ve read, Hidden Pieces starts off with the characters doing the deed and it’s become the root cause of all of their problems including the possiblity of being charged as arsonists, facing the repercussions of a video scandal and being blackmailed by this myterious Unknown.

Told in the POV of Embry, Unknown seems intent on zeroing in on her, making her suffer by wanting her to confess to all of her sins via a post on Facebook and that if she doesn’t do this, one of the people she loves gets hurt. This is where the plot starts to thicken.

The narrative is quite compelling. This is what I like with Ms.Paula Stokes. Her writing has that natural ability to entertain, provoke the reader’s thoughts and still convince the reader to empathize with the characters despite their flaws. Just like Embry in the story, her moral compass works just fine but when it comes to actually doing what that compass directs, she couldn’t easily do it and yet I still root for her and believe that there is something inherently good and solid about her character. I’m glad she came through.

As usual, the least suspicious character is the culprit. I don’t know why I haven’t learned that till now because I still kept suspecting the wrong people. Lol.

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