Review: This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

4/5 stars

A dynamic story of friendship, family and love from a narrative viewpoint of a girl named Sloane who always tries to make light of every situation, always ready to crack a joke. She’s someone who couldn’t seem to take things seriously, someone who seems so independent. As she eloquently describes herself, she’s a “hopeless, idiotic, defender” but for some reason she couldn’t do the same for herself as she is always denying herself of what she really wants and couldn’t seem to admit to people that she is a human being with human feelings. If she hadn’t met these wonderful people (Vera, Remy, Frank, Bree, Aubrey and Gabe) she wouldn’t have realized how much she needs them in her life and how much her friendship and loyalty are needed by them as well.

I really like the development of Sloane’s character and of all the other characters really. Their strengths and weaknesses are what made them relatable. I love that they were very open about these things. Like Sloan’s realization that she really is someone who deeply cares but she often comes off as indifferent and sometimes cold. Perhaps their perfectly imperfect portrayal is my only qualm about the book because sometimes, they come off as quite unrealistic.

Nevertheless, This Adventure Ends to me is a very refreshing read, funny, insightful and heartwarming. The writing is wonderful and the author’s creativity incredibly shines in the narrative by incorporating several sub-stories like the “Wereschool” fanfic and all the books written by Sloane’s dad who is obviously the fiction version of Mr. Nicholas Sparks but I bet Mr. Everett Finch is a lot funnier.

The book also tackles a deeper and closer perspectives of arts and fandom and it actually made me respect fanfic writers more. The romance aspect is honestly super cute and swoon-worthy. I have a new author to follow from now in Ms. Emma Mills.

Published by AJ

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