Review: Invisible Ghosts by Robyn Schneider

4.5/5 stars

I think I have a new favorite from Ms. Robyn Schneider. I love the premise. Rose starting out in the story trying to be invisible in school and always happy to go home to spend her afternoons with the literal but funny, insufferable and childish ghost of her older brother Logan who died at the age of 15 and who is now probably chummy with Casper the friendly ghost. And then Jamie, her childhood friend, comes back to town and pulls her back to their old circle of friends, back to doing what she loves and back to being seen.

The writing is witty and comfortable to read. I especially adore the characters majorly because of their sarcasm. Lol. I particularly like the characterization of Rose’s old friends-how they are popular but also geeky and are never mean. I enjoyed the nerdy dialogues and the friendly banters especially between Jamie and Rose. As a couple, they are too cute. The romance is just so sweet and easy.
Logan’s ghost is endearing. That’s probably the last word you’ll associate with a ghost but this book managed to do that. I am applauding the author for this brilliant idea and making it work so well in a YA novel. This is going to make a really cute movie.

This is the kind of read that I could easily devour in a matter of just a few hours because it is such an easy read despite the sad undertones but I am adoring it so much that I wanted to take my time to savor the story, the writing and the characters. So I tried my best to prolong the reading experience but to no avail because I eventually finished it on no time.

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