Review:On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

5/5 stars 

There’s a pervading sadness in the tone. Bri’s life wasn’t easy. The past was painful and the current is a constant struggle financially, emotionally and even socioculturally. But at the same time, there’s also an undercurrent of hope and positivity and I find that very refreshing that I enjoyed the story so much from beginning till end.

I love that Bri’s a rapper and that her lines genuinely come from her experiences. She’s smart and witty and could think of clever and socially significant punch lines on the spot and could deliver them with perfect timing. It was amazing discovering her thought process, how instantly she comes up with an unerring song that will either make the listeners condemn her to eternity or cheer her up in reverent adoration. I was actually trying to rap the verses out loud while reading. I probably sounded ugly but it was so much fun. Lol.

The plot is also quite intense. The conflicts Bri went through are no small matters but she maneuvered through them with a degree of self-confidence and determination that I was quite impressed of. Her friends and family are characters to adore too. The writing is resonating and funny. There are many quotable lines to keep. Just a few of them.

“If you look an angry momma in her eyes, there’s a chance you will turn into a pillar of salt on the spot.”Lol!

“That’s when I learned that when people die, they sometimes take the living with them.” 

“Look, you can’t be worried about what folks think. There will always be someone with something to say, but it doesn’t mean you gotta listen.” 

Overall, a very recommendable YA read that is fresh, relevant, relatable and satisfying.

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