Review: Pushing the Limits 1-3 by Katie Mc Garry


Pushing the Limits.jpg
3/5 stars

Note: Although the books are in a series, each book has different main characters and can be read as a standalone.


It’s angsty, it’s super cheesy as an NA romance rightfully should (lol) but surprsingly, I still liked it. For a change, my average expectations were very satisfactorily met and I’m not complaining (much). I did roll my eyes several times and got goosebumps (not the good kind) but the elements of the story still worked together well.

The plot was really good although the characterizations are kind of cliche-ish. Hot bad boy (of course his name is Noah) with a reputation with the ladies falls for the classic, rich, smart girl. It went deeper though with the dark past the two characters went through and are still haunting them and with the scars they’re still actively trying to move on from.

It’s honestly not bad. In fact it was an easy read with this constant, light humor coloring the story. The conclusion is also very satisfying and overall, it was still a good read.


It’s a lot like the first book where even though both of the characters have a lot of baggage, one obvious, one not, the story still managed to entertain me as a reader. It also managed to come off as a bit playful since both characters are always up for dares. It’s a bit heavier than the first book though and quite more mature. The sports element is also very interesting and I liked that the jock is also an excellent writer at the same time. I also appreciate the pairing up of the couple with completely opposite personalities and even opposite worlds and how they were able to complement each other.


I honestly didn’t expect to like this but come to think of it, I was the same with the first two books. (Lol!). I must give Ms. Katie Mc Garry the credit she deserves for convincing me to like “gritty, cheesy, sexy romance novels” which what Crash Into You exactly is.

For some reason, I find this an even lighter read than the first two books probably because of Rachel’s perspective which is innocent, playful, witty and daring all at the same time. I didn’t like Isaiah’s character in Dare You To but now that I’ve learned about his background, I have come to appreciate where he is coming from. I like his dedication and passion especially once he has chosen to fall in love.

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