Review: Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West

4/5 stars

It’s been raining for weeks now here in the Philippines and in Baguio City, my hometown, it has been really cold for a few days now. I therefore needed something warm and fluffy to read so I decided to pick up a Kasie West novel and without a doubt, I knew my decision was going to be right.

I really enjoyed the premise of the story and I particularly adore the lake setting. If I were Kate who isn’t a very people-person like myself, I’d also probably want to spend most of the time at the lake maybe not necessarily riding motor stuff but just reading a book at the dock. But everyone has to go out of his/her comfort zone so Kate begrudgingly agrees with her best friend Alana to take up Podcasting where she unfortunately gets the job she doesn’t want the most-hosting.

I thought it was fun. I enjoyed seeing Kate’s positive transformation and I think that being able to address a serious issue in the plot is quite an achievement. I also appreciate very much Kate’s adorable relationship with her family as well as the friendship between her and Alana. I love that the author is able to portray a healthy competition between the two over the same guy without wanting to tear each other’s eyeballs out. That’s true girl power right there. That they’d both be okay whomever the guy chooses while maintaining their friendship.

Of course, I already knew which girl this guy (let’s hide him in mystery for the sake of those who haven’t read this yet) is rooting for right from the beginning. It’s quite very obvious but I enjoyed it the same. The romance has the right amount of cheese that made me swoon quite a bit. Or fine. A lot. Lol

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