Review: They All Fall Down by Roxanne St Claire

3/5 stars

They All Fall Down is a psycho-thriller that is a little juvenile, a bit dark and a bit comic although I wish the comic element was more. Nonetheless, it was quite entertaining. I’m glad I didn’t expect more because the cover alone already foreshadows the story’s out-turn. That way, I was able to enjoy reading the book.

At the surface, the plot is supposedly about Mackenzie making it to the list of the top ten hottest girls in school. But to make it fair to Kenzie, she thinks the list is stupid too and now her life is upturned because there seems to be a curse (or a psycho) causing the deaths of the girls in the list in the order of their rank. Kenzie is fifth. She couldn’t tell her problem to her parents because her mum already suffers from dystychiphobia or fear of accidents because her son, Connor, died a few years ago from an accident so Kenzie plays detective by tapping on her excellent Latin skills to try figure out everything on her own.

Of course, I was immediately curious and eager to know the truth behind the deaths which are all staged as accidents but which are obviously not. It’s kind of like watching Final Destination except the Grim Reaper in this story is literally portrayed. In the end, I find it quite amusing the revelation of the deaths. It’s actually kind of a plausible explanation on so many deaths attributed to accidents that have happened and keep happening around the world.

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