Review: The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

4/5 stars

The cover had me expecting a gory thriller where a serial killer is on the loose zeroing in on pretty cheerleaders. I’m slightly disappointed. Kidding. I’m actual glad the plot didn’t pull off that Riverdale-esque-vibe because the story actually took on several serious issues while still maintaining its entertainment factor.

The main mystery is lot like that in The Darkest Corners where the wrong guy was punished for the crime he didn’t commit and the bad guy is still out and about. Monica, being the sister of the cheerleader that committed suicide had to know for sure what really happened with her older sister and four of the other members of Sunny Brooks’ cheerleading squad who all died tragically five years ago in a span of just a month? Or a few months? I’m no longer sure. Sorry.

The plot as always had me guessing which of the characters the murderer was really, although this time, my hunch was quite spot-on. I’m really getting good at playing detective after all these psychological-thrillers I’ve been reading. Lol. The best part for me was the last part, that single chapter about Ginny. I think that’s what made me up my rating by half.

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