Review: The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles

4/5 stars

May I just say that the The Edge of Everything has been one of my most unique reads this year! The cover alone already looks cool. It has little people in it whom I assume are the characters (too cute) and the corner has “ONE MORE SOUL” printed in it. But what’s better is how I didn’t expect to enjoy the story this much. There’s something about the narrative that is so addictive to read. It’s a bit whimisical, sarcastic, funny and mystical. I couldn’t help but get transfixed by the pages of the novel. The middle became a little slow but it did pick up again towards the end.

I find the premise really brilliant even though the concept of hell has been exhausted in literature so many times now since the days of Mr. Alighieri. But this book offers a fresh and interesting take on the “inferno”. It’s downright imaginative, creative and honestly quite hilarious.

Maybe the only lame element of the novel is the sweeping, love-at-first-sight kind of romance but I don’t know, it didn’t really annoy me that much. I guess it is much needed for the plot to get going although I would have enjoyed it best if there were more time spent really exploring the “Lowlands”. Perhaps the second book will do just that.

The characters to me are really likable from Zoe, to Jonah, to their mom, even Zoe’s friends Dallas and Val and Zoe’s mom’s suitor, Rufus, and of course X and his friends Banger and Ripper. See how much impact the characters had on me? I remember all of their names. Even the vile, villainous lord Dervish, I remember because the characterization is simply spot on.

The irony of the story is very affecting and that twist, that “One More Soul” X must collect in order to gain his freedom, I kind of already knew that it was going to be that character and yet Mr. Jeff Giles was able to make the narrative buildup to that part very eventful . This book is a first to a duology but I’m thankful for its solid ending and at the same time, I’m still very much looking forward to the next installment.

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