Review: Things I Should Have Known by Clare LaZebnik

4/5 stars

Straightforward, funny, touching and just a little bit heart-rending. I’ve read a few books about autism and I really liked them but most of them are told in the POV of the character with autism. So what I really appreciate about Things I Should Have Known is that it is told by the little sister of the 20-year old girl who has autism.

It’s really good to be able to look into Chloe’s life. How she is constantly worrying about her big sister, Ivy, especially when it comes to the latter’s social life. I really like that Chloe sounds so normal and so unpretentious but at the same time very devoted and selfless. Nowhere in her narrative does it seem like she is fishing for compliments or seeking for a medal. She just really loves her sister that much. Unlike other 17 year olds who always focus on what’s best for themselves, her number one priority is always her sister’s welfare.

One of the great things about the story is Chloe’s surprising connection to David, who seems always all-knowing, smug and kind of a jerk and who happens to be brothers with Ethan who is also in the autistic spectrum and is Ivy’s classmate making him Chloe’s main target as a “potential” love interest for her sister.

Because of this shared experience, Chloe and David’s connection with each other is so unlike anything they have had before. They completely get each other. I must say that their super cute romance that has been building up since page one is worth a dozen goofy grins. There is this incredible chemistry between them from the very start and I love how it grew so adorkably. It’s enough to make me squeal. Lol. I definitely enjoyed this book and read it very quickly too.

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