Review: A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody

5/5 stars

This is like the romantic-comedy version of Before I Fall. I didn’t expect to enjoy it this much. I read it in a breeze. I mean 451 pages for a romantic contemporary YA is quite long but it didn’t feel long because the entire story is very entertaining, pretty funny too. There were plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

Admittedly the plot may seem already familiar because Ellie gets literally A Week of Mondays as she wakes up every day the same day for an entire week having to go over all her failures including her rock star of a boyfriend breaking up with her.

But Ellie is quite a refreshing, quirky in that believable and adorable way character and her easy admirable friendship with her also charming (and possibly something else, ahem!) best friend, Owen, is too endearing making the plot very hard to resist. It’s fun anticipating the next plan she concocts for the next Monday she wakes up to try and make things right.

This is the kind of read I would recommend if you’re looking for an easy, fluffy and entertaining story to read on a lazy weekend to go perfectly along with your hot milk and choco-chip cookies.

Published by AJ

Hi! I'm Aj from the Philippines. Obviously I love to read and write and from years of experience I have learned that when you love something so much, you would do it absolutely for free so here I am writing stuff for all people to see in the hopes that at least one or maybe two souls could benefit or get little inspiration from what they will read from this blog. Enjoy and spread the love! ;)

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