Review: Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

4/5 stars

What seemed like a silly premise turned out to be something relevant but still very entertaining at the same time. I was kind of impressed really. The main plot, girls agreeing on a sex-strike against boys to end the rivalry between football and soccer players is pretty funny especially when the boys were trying to fight back, seducing the girls by taking off their shirts. Lol. But as the story pushes through, it becomes not only about just the “war”.

I didn’t think so much into Shut Out but as I keep turning the pages, the story becomes more meaningful. I admire the light and yet impactful take on feminism and gender equality. Girls looking out for other girls. The friendship bit is quite admirable really.

I like the narrative’s straightforwardness and honesty and I really appreciate that it’s about doing away with labels and stereotypes. Not a lot of YA books openly talk about sex but this book managed to do that without making it embarrassing. I actually think it’s quite informative and helpful especially to young adults on the verge of wanting to know more about their sexuality and don’t know whom to talk to about these things.

There is also an underlying theme on grief that resulted to Lissa’s (the main character) control issues which kind of where all the events including the conflicts in the story rooted from and I’m glad that by end of the story, she learns to let herself loose a bit, embrace life and risks including involving herself with the really cute and adorable Cash.

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