A Happily-Ever-After You Did Not Know (by Yours Truly) ^^


Fairy Godmother (FG) had been nursing a constant headache since the first day of the search for Miss Perfect for Prince Charming (PC). When the King and Queen of Far, Far, Super Far Away Kingdom decided that it was time for their only son to marry, of course, it was FG whom they summoned to facilitate the deed- a messy, awful deed which as usual fell on FG’s shoulder.

She hated it, she always hated it. She dreaded the moment her presence was needed because she was guaranteed, it was always an ugly, detestable problem that she had to fix. A dress needing mending? Whoosh went her wand. A princess so foolish she got poisoned by apple and died? Whoosh went her wand. And they all thought it was that prince whose kiss woke her alive. They were so wrong. It was the perfect, miraculous work of FG. She was hiding under the bushes behind Snow White’s glass coffin. But did anyone acknowledge her generosity and kindness like ever? Ugh!

And right now, these bickering girls in front of her were making her head hurt even more. It was the third and last day of the search and of the hundreds of girls who tried to compete, only Snow White, Cinderella and Mulan (who was not even a legitimate princess,  thought FG) who remained. Ironically, if it were only her choice, she would definitely pick Mulan because duh?!, she fought her own battles like literally and that’s the kind of girl she liked. She wasn’t sure though if the same would be true for PC. The screeching voices of the girls brought FG’s thoughts to the present.

“I got lips red as blood and skin white as snow. I’m the prettiest of all the girls in this kingdom and all of you know it. Even Taylor Swift can’t compare.” Snow White sang in her irritatingly soft,  sweet and tremulous voice.

I am not only pretty but I can clean! I can hop and mop while I dance and cook.” Cinderalla rapped while pirouetting in her glass shoes.

“I’ll protect the prince and the entire kingdom. The palace will save a ton because they wouldn’t need to hire soldiers and knights to protect the people. I alone can do that.” Mulan shouted as she wielded her sword. Here, FG almost forgot herself and clapped her hands, impressed at Mulan. This garnered a collective eye-roll from Snow White and Cinderella.

FG’s part was done. She managed all these girls and was able to pick a final three. She was just waiting for PC to arrive but he was probably still getting a hot oil treatment  at the beauty parlor.The thought of PC for some reason always triggered a hurricane of butterflies in her stomach. His intense gaze whenever he talked to her, his gorgeous smile that always made all girls, even the birds swoon, his gentle touch at the small of her back when he guided her as they walked. He certainly deserved his name, FG mulled over.

FG was finally awoken from her daydreams  by a terrible howl that didn’t sound human like. FG was horrified to witness that the girls’  bickering turned worse. It was no longer just  a war of words. The supposedly sweet and kind Snow White suddenly grabbed Mulan’s hair while managing to kick Cinderella’s shins and then chaos erupted. The girls were on a roll, literally. They were on the ground kicking, slapping, pulling, pushing and hissing at one another and FG seemed to have lost all the energy and magic to make them stop.

Thank goodness, PC had finally arrived putting all the girls’ wild efforts to a halt. “I see, the party has already started without me.” PC nonchalantly uttered. “But I’m afraid, I’ll have to put an end to this merriment because I have finally chosen my princess. I kept telling mother and father that the search is no longer necessary, but they insisted this was tradition so I acceded. But I have already chosen a long time ago.

And then PC finally landed his handsome gaze upon FG, she felt like her heart might stop. Slowly, he walked toward her without breaking their eye contact. PC took FG’s hand. “I choose you, FG. You’re the love of my life, have always been. You think nobody sees you but I do.”

For the first time, FG got her happily-ever-after.

                             * The end * 

Published by AJ

Hi! I'm Aj from the Philippines. Obviously I love to read and write and from years of experience I have learned that when you love something so much, you would do it absolutely for free so here I am writing stuff for all people to see in the hopes that at least one or maybe two souls could benefit or get little inspiration from what they will read from this blog. Enjoy and spread the love! ;)

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