Review: The Little Pieces of You and Me by Vanessa Greene

3/5 stars 

I quite missed reading a plain ole chick-lit and The Little Pieces of You and Me is the perfect fit. It was told simply without trying to sound too smart, angsty or too complicated. It’s just simply trying to narrate the story as it happens to two women and how a particular life event changes both their lives completely and how lucky they are to have each other’s back.

It’s a wonderful story of friendship, one that lasts despite years and lands apart, one that they could always go back to and rely on when times got difficult or even just boring. That’s the kind of friendship I savor. I’m thankful I have a few really good ones like this. Actually, the story kind of made me think of me and my best friend and how our friendship is quite the same as Sophia and Isla’s in the story. They have almost completely opposite personalities. Isla is carefree and independent while Sophia chooses a quiet, settled life. Ironically, life had to meddle so that they both had to go out of their comfort zones and experience what it is to live each other’s life.

Of course, the story ends up reasonably, positively and happily as a chick-lit romance always does and I’m thankful for it. Perhaps I was just missing a bit of emotion from the narrative and that’s the only reason I’m giving it less than four stars.

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