Review: Now is Everything by Amy Giles

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5/5 stars

A gripping narrative that trapped me from page one and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. There is something about Ms. Amy Giles’ writing that keeps me yearning for more so that even though the plot is quite scary, sad and often painful, I still devoured the book as if it were a comfort read when it’s the exact opposite.

Perhaps it’s the structure of the novel, the narrative viewpoints told in “Now” and “Then” with a regular transcript of the interviews of possible witnesses to ascertain the background of our main character, Hadley, who is now under a major investigation being the sole survivor of a plane crash. It must be noted though that the plane is private carrying only three passengers at the time so I hope you’re not overreacting right now. Lol.

The author writes really good impressions of the different characters making them very realistic and alive. I could practically picture these characters, like watching a movie. The portrayal of the abusive father is also very believable. Outside, he appears well groomed and very composed, the epitome of a perfect husband and father, generous and friendly but inside he’s a real monster who tortures only members of his family. What an a-hole, really and I believed it, I honestly believed it. I was so scared for Hadley and her little sister, Lila. Even though the author is simply trying to narrate the events in the plot as they transpired in the story, the suspense still felt very real.

There is a lot going on in the plot and I pat the author’s back for managing to include a swoon worthy romance in the story despite the gloomy theme. It’s quite impressive. I wholeheartedly root for Charlie and Hadley.

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