Review: Sula’s Voyage by Catherine Torres

3/5 stars

Sula’s Voyage is a novel by a Filipino writer set in the Philippines and written in English. The writing is excellent really. It’s imaginative, beautifully descriptive and it depicts Filipino culture accurately wonderful. It painted places in our country in vivid and gorgeous imagery.

Plot-wise though, I thought it could have been a bit better or I guess I just expected a lot. The first few chapters I really enjoyed especially that scene when she was packing up her stuff from her locker while her mum “innocently” asked which ones in the classroom were the bullies and Sula chiming in by stealing a piece of Lora’s hair. That was pretty hilarious.

But I thought it was going to be more magical and more adventurous. I was even hoping for an under the sea experience because look at that cover but most of the plot was about Sula usually getting lost, forgetting her meal, passing out or sleeping too much during her vacation and I guess it justifies the title considering it’s her voyage-her journey to knowing where she really came from,. It’s just sometimes I find her too self-absorbed which I guess is again justified considering she’s only 15.

Nonetheless, this is a recommendable YA novel that blends culture, diversity, and a bit of fantasy, something to definitely spice up your reading experience.

P.S. There’s a Glossary at the end of the book to help non-Filipinos understand the Filipino words used throughout the novel.

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