Review: The Leaf Reader by Emily Arsenault

3/5 stars

“To see things- to really see things-means you have to sacrifice the way you want to see things.”

First, let me just say that this is one unique read. This is the first time I’ve ever read a book that pirmarily concentrates on tea leaf reading and uses it as a device to solve a mystery so props for Ms. Emily Arsenault for coming up with that concept.The story told in the POV of Marnie who decided that tea leaf reading is what’s going to make her stand out in a town where most people her age are all bright and shiny. She decides that embracing her weird would be just as cool without knowing that the “weird” actually runs in her blood and without knowing that her psychic abilities are what the town needed to solve the mystery of the missing popular girl, Andrea, and consequently uncover a deeper mystery behind it.

Perhaps the only thing I didn’t like very much is Marnie’s almost blasé approach especially about her existence. It’s good that she changes perspective but it’s only during the last few pages of the book. I also feel like there’s a missing element in the entire story just to make it a more gripping and captivating mystery. But as it is, The Teaf Leader is still quite an enjoyable and interesting YA mystery. The bonus content on Tea Leaf Reading at the back of the book is a plus and I would still definitely look forward to the next book/s the author writes.

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