Review: Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

3/5 stars

Emergency Contact is definitely not your typical YA/NA Romance. It’s funny, it’s honest and very Gen Z . There are actual times my millennial self had to exert more effort understanding the characters’ language. But also, sometimes I think the author overwrote it if you know what I mean?

Told in their alternating viewpoints but in the third person omniscient, you’ll never know what you’ll learn from Penny and Sam. They’re both cool, weird, funny, mentally and emotionally unstable, have messy relationships with their parents, both have something in their past that they regret so much and so they understand each other better than anybody else and decided to live in each other’s phones as each other’s Emergency Contact which in their definition is a person you talk to about everything and anything, emergency or not.

Perhaps my other complaint is how Filipinos were mentioned twice but both times in a negative light. I’m sure the author didn’t mean anything by it. But I’m personally affected just the same. Good thing I’m not the type who holds grudges so I moved on quickly. Lol.

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