Review: The Beauty that Remains by Ashley Woodfolk

3/5 stars 

The story of three grieving people who lost the most important person in their lives. But come to think of it, it’s really not just about these three main characters because everyone in the story is affected by the loss of the person they knew. It’s relatably very sad- the panic attacks, anxiety, the fear of everything but especially of death and I could only imagine what it would be like to lose someone so important to you and how to try to feel normal again although I guess at this point, there is no longer normal. But the story does show how these characters process their grief in their own unique ways.

What makes me sad however is that huge possibility of grief spiraling into depression so I’m glad that the story tries to encourage the readers to see The Beauty that Remains even after something as ugly as death. Like how in the process of grief, the characters earned new friends, discovered love, re-established their relationship with their parents, learned to love themselves more and many other beautiful, hopeful and inspiring things that can come out of a sad and painful experience.

It’s also interesting to note that although the story is told in three different POVs, the characters’ losses and lives are somewhat interconnected not only by death but also by music and how the music also helps make them feel a little less sad.

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