Review: Forgotten by Cat Patrick

2/5 stars 

Like the first book I read by Ms. Cat PatrickThe OriginalsForgotten is an easy contemporary YA read with a hint of paranormal fantasy and mystery. The main character kind of reminds me of that of the movie, “Fifty First Dates” in which the heroine has a unique kind of amnesia making her unable to create new memories so she solely relies on her journal to remind her what happens to her every day of her life.

Sounds really sad but London seems alright with it and is never shocked each day she wakes up without any memory of what happened the day before. I’m probably overreacting but I think that alone already warrants an extreme emotion. That’s the major thing I find lacking in the story- necessary emotion. But wait, I forgot to mention the real catch in the plot- London may not remember her past but she sure “remembers” the future. Of course nowhere in the book does it explain how she’s able to do that. Lol.

The story actually tackles a lot of issues such as death, grief, trauma, there’s even that illicit student-teacher relationship between London’s bestfriend and one of their teachers but these things weren’t really the main concerns here because I guess the highlight of the story is the romance since a lot of the plot is dedicated to the love story between London and the super gorgeous Alex (London mentions his hotness only every single day *rolls eyes*) which unfortunately sacrificed the rest of the elements of the story including the the unraveling of the mystery and the resolutions. In fact the end seemed like a super fastforward to a happy ending, I couldn’t even understand why everything is suddenly all better. Lol.

This could have been so good had it lived to its full potential but as it is, it is still an entertaining, interesting and quick read to pass your time or something to read in between your intense, exhausting reads.

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