Review: Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

3.5/5 stars 

For some reason, I am always attracted to books with “Girls” on the title and I often assume that the girls will be naughty or are the culprit in the story. I’m wrong in my assumption as always. Lol. In Ms. Chevy Stevens’ novel, the girls are actually often victims- victims of grief, of poverty, of domestic abuse and later of an even worse abuse-rape. Ugh! Those poor girls, really! They lived and experienced the worst of life at a very young age.

I was actually hoping this was going to be a kick-ass story of revenge something similar to that of the movie “I Spit on Your Grave” but of course I’m not being very realistic in that expectation so it’s just but proper that it’s not what happens in the story. The girls are still very brave though in their own way- wanting to move forward and forget their ugly past, try and build a new life but I guess their demons couldn’t just shut up and still haunt them 18 years later.

The writing is very good. The narrative started in the past when the girls were still teenagers and the story is told in the POV of the youngest sister, Jess, whose voice genuinely sounds as that of a 15 year old girl. Halfway through, the story is told by the alternating views of Skylar, a new character and Jess who is now an adult and the change in her voice is obvious, now more mature and measured. The plot is constantly thrilling, sometimes disturbing and also frustrating (I was definitely pissed at so many of the girls’ choices) but that’s expected of psycho-thrillers.

The ending is very sad but it’s what makes the most sense and the epilogue still gives so much hope. Dallas’ POV is probably the most emotional and I’m grateful to get a chapter from her POV. I would certainly find more books by the author.

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