Review: Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica



I didnโ€™t expect this to be a really emotional, heartrending read. I was expecting a sinister, macabre read, the perpetrator of the โ€œcrimeโ€ with evil intentions- a stranger turning out to be a real danger. I was wrong. No surprise there.

It turns out the real danger is something so unexpected, so intangible. The couple did not see it coming. This is indeed a brilliant piece of a psychological thriller and I love how it almost reads like a literary fiction focusing on the changes in the lives of the three characters also the narrators. Heidiโ€™s grief, wicked and persistent but she maintains that everything is fine until it wasnโ€™t. Willowโ€™s tragedies ultimately spinned her life upside down- her once innocent view of the world upended with the lost of her family.

The plot is unpredictable. The author deftly crafts the narrative in a way that it always surprises the reader. Iโ€™m almost absolutely sure that one thing is going to happen but itโ€™s amazing how she manages to bring in something else. I have a new addition in my list of awesome psycho-thriller writers.

P.S. Thereโ€™s a cute baby in the story. How could I not like the novel

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