Review: What I Lost by Alexandra Ballard



A closer look at eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia- concepts that usually never interested me because well, for me food is just love (lol!) but What I Lost is simply an engaging novel that makes the reader understand better these health and mental conditions.

It’s quite eye-opening really understanding how people with these conditions think, how most of them even believe it’s normal and it’s what they really desire and also kind of sad that for some, it’s their parents who somehow caused their illness both genetically and behaviorally, how their illness could result to further and graver health complications, how they could never look at food and not count the calories. I think that’s the saddest part because food is one of life’s basest, simplest and yet greatest pleasures and worrying how much every food intake will make you fat simply isn’t called living.

But being forced into a rehabilitation center called Wallingfield, Elizabeth, our main character not only gets help with her condition, she also earns new friends who understand her. Their moral support for one another is just as potent as their eating regimen.

The novel is very well written, laced with humor and sarcasm and hinted with a bit of romance. It’s definitely a surprisingly good read, also very significant. Definitely recommended

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