Review: Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan

4.5/5 stars

I cannot remember the last time I read a courtroom drama. I think it was one of Grisham’s books maybe almost 10 years ago and it wasn’t particularly to my liking. Since then, I haven’t been really drawn to these kinds of books until Anatomy of a Scandal. I guess the word “Scandal” in the title is already very inviting. Lol.

I’m very glad the novel didn’t disappoint because this is more than just a courtroom drama. The theme is actually very crucial- gender and power imbalance. About the unfairness of life really, the privileged getting away with almost everything including crimes such as rape because of their money, power, and good looks.

Smartly written, sophisticated and highly significant, it is a very powerful narrative told in different characters’ perspective that allows the readers to understand the motivations of each character consequently allowing us to feel or at least sympathize for the characters in the story, especially with the women characters. I particularly liked the gradual reveal of the very twist of the plot although I kind of had predicted it a little and yet it was still a surprise.

I feel the pain of the women in the story, all victims of the same person, lulled by his false kindness and gentleness, his supposedly perfection and in effect the women had to suffer in different ways. I hate this selfish prick of a guy really and I wanted badly for him to pay for his crimes. In the end, it was insinuated that he would pay because as the saying goes, the universe has its own way of maintaining balance and justice.

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