Review: Do Not Disturb by Claire Douglas

4/5 stars

What I liked about Do Not Disturb is how the story slowly unravels the real threat in the story. The author is even able to make me think that this is a horror story starting with the old house turned into a B & B with all its sinister history, what with all those mysterious and creepy threats to the family, the noose, the dead flowers, the misplaced stuffs around the house and the angry stares of the neighbors.

Instead, the real threat is something I did not expect and it appears as if it does not directly involve the main character. It’s like the main character also the narrator is simply used as an element to tell the actual story and I find it oddly likable.

Even more interesting is that the person murdered in the story is probably the most flawed character and everyone could practically have a reason to kill her making the reader suspect every single character. The story isn’t heavy on suspense and yet the very last parts, around the last three chapters where it reveals who really is the suspect did make me shiver especially the last few pages where it foreshadows a disturbing repetition of history in the family.

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