Review: The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond

4/5 stars

What I really enjoyed about The Marriage Pact is the way it was presented like a dark comedy movie almost like that recent movie of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston at first. But then as the story moves forward, it becomes darker and a bit more sinister and for some reason, the secret organization, “The Pact” makes me imagine a demented utopian world for carefully selected married couples. It’s almost like I’m reading a sci-fi novel.

I particularly enjoyed the narrative because it’s told by Jake, the husband, who is sort of nerdy. He’s a psychotherapist so his insights are usually intelligent, sensible, and relatable. It’s a plus that he’s quite funny. There are plenty of humor scattared over the entire narrative actually. One incident that cracked me up so much was when Vladim (Alice’s colleauge) was appraising Jake as Alice’s husband.

“Yes, you are a close-enough physical match when one considers taht women often partner with men who are slightly less attractive, attractiveness being an amalgamation of height, fitness, and symmetry. You’re of above-average height, you look like a runner, and your features are well aligned, if not perfect. The dimple on your chin makes up for the forehead.”

What makes the concept of “The Pact” highly philosophical and psychological in approach is how the actions of the married couple, Alice and Jake, can be confused as to whether they’re genuinely doing them for their marriage, for their love for each other or is it just because they were afraid of the next directive the Pact will put upon their heads. Sometimes, I can’t fathom how these authors come up with these out of this world ideas really. Lol.

Perhaps my only complaint is the length. I feel like it’s at least a hundred pages more than necessary. Good thing the narrative is gripping or else I would have abandoned it. Lol. But overall, it is an interesting, very unique, and entertaining psycho-thriller you could definitely put in your list.

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